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Workout Wear

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Sticking to a regular workout routine has always been a struggle of mine - I would pick up running for a few weeks at a time and then slack it off for the easiest excuse (rain, freshly blow-dried hair, too much going on, etc... the list of excuses can be endless).

This all changed when I finally found exercise's I really enjoy and actually look forward to my next class - it all started with a class of Power Yoga and TRX at Core Collective! 

I love the non-commitment concept of Core Collective and the fact that you pay per class rather then monthly! 

I had never done yoga let alone TRX before, so the first classes were quite a bit of struggle - following the fast flowing yoga moves and TRX poses (and still are)! 
However, the calm and relaxed feeling after each yoga class and the slow reappearance of my muscles makes me come back each time for more! 

One of the first things was to revamp my sad workout gear collection with some flattering pieces, which make me feel good and confident - especially when facing new (sport) challenges.

I prefer to have my classes first thing in the AM and I find when heading for a class at 8AM, it helps having a bright and cheerful set to workout in!  

While browsing for some new swimwear on one of my go to sites, Beach Cafe, I came across this lovely Seafolly workout set .

I love it for it's vibrant colours and the fact, that the sports bra comes with padding and wide straps - shop the set here

Quick Fix post Workout 

I always love discovering a new shampoo and when browsing Cult Beauty, I came across Briogeo
I love that fact that all their products are 90 - 100 % naturally-derived, cruelty-free ingredients, free from sulphates, paragons and silicones.

Best of all, all their packing is recycled and recyclable!

Since working out several times a week, I need a shampoo that is as gentle as possible on my coloured hair but still gives my thin hair enough volume! 

I've been using their Matcha and Apple Shampoo for a while now and it's working like a treat! 

Since growing up we always had Dove shower gel at our home and I still love it for their nourishing body washes - their new, anti-stress micellar water, 0% SPP's body wash is no different and makes it perfect for daily use! 

After getting my sweat on in class, nothing feels better then cleansing my face afterwards and this handy Simple mini facial wash pouch is just doing the trick and I love it's handy packing! 

Post workout I don't like the idea over smothering my face in makeup but rather to keep it light and to reach for some lightweight, tinted creams to even out my skin tone. 

I love Korean Cosmetics and this CC Cream from Erborian has become a firm favourite in my makeup bag! It is very light-weight, hydrating and leaves a lovely glow on my skin! 

On days when I need some extra coverage  (hello monthly pimples) I reach for Estee Lauder's Double Wear Light, another long-time favourite of mine! 

If I'm in a rush I like to reach for Bumble and Bumble's Pret-a-Powder dry shampoo - it's finely milled powder creates great volume (I love using this also when styling my hair with a curling wand for more texture) and your hair looks as good as new! 

Last but not least, when wearing your hair up daily, it's important to minimise damage by using a gentle scrunchie, just as these Pure Silk ones from Slip! 


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