Saturday, 16 June 2018

Let's talk health with Canesten

Happy weekend everyone! I hope you are well! 

I always love writing about my favourite and latest beauty discoveries here on my blog and today I'd like to cover a topic, which is a little more tricky or even awkward: intimate health! 

But the fact that Sex and the City currently celebrates it's 20th anniversary we shouldn't feel embarrassed discussing these more intimate topics like thrush - since it can affect, both men and women!

I've teamed up with Canesten to talk health and focus more on this easily curable topic!

 What is thrush and who does it affect?

Thrush is a common yeast infection and can affect both men and women.

Most common symptoms

Itchiness, redness and soreness

Who is vulnerable to it?

People with low immune system 

Diabetes sufferer

People who have recently completed course of antibiotics 

Ways to prevent it

Eat a healthy and balanced diet 

Drink plenty of water

Listen to your body 

For further informations on thrush visit the following websites:

It is really important to raise awareness and discuss these taboo topics more in public in order to understand male and female health issues better! 

For anyone who wants to read more on the topic of thrush, make sure to visit the link below:

This post has been supported by Canesten® but all thoughts are my own!

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