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How to keep your wardrobe a months free zone

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 Hello everyone and happy Thursday! 

I've recently took the time to reorganise my wardrobe and I sadly have noticed that some of my beloved wool and cashmere jumpers have fallen prey to month larvae and their unsightly bite holes! 

Since I keep my wardrobe in my bedroom, I've always avoided chemical anti-month products and rather relied on lavender oil, which clearly wasn't enough to keep the moths at bay!

After a little research I came across Julia Dee, the founder of Total Wardrobe Care and her natural and organic moth deterrent - I love the fact that she only uses essential oils, and no pesticides, and no harmful synergists, which are usually found in month balls!  

The Moth DIY Set is made up of five lovely products: 

Moth Box, Chrysanthemum Spray, Natural Essential Oil -Wooden Diffuser Cup and Moth Decoy, using a combination of the following essential oils: 

May Chang, Lavender, Cedar-wood, Patchouli, Laurel, Rosemary, Clove and Thyme.

All the products are also sold individually and as lovely gift sets for fellow cashmere and wool lovers! 

The Chrysanthemum (flowering plant) Spray, which works the following:

Close windows and doors and draw any curtains, spray around the walls, cracks, under furniture, on carpets, behind curtains and in base of wardrobe. 

Leave for four hours, any insect will be killed on contact with spray within a few seconds. 

The spray will carry on working during this time period. After the four hours, open all doors and windows and any remaining spray will evaporate. 

After a further four hours, the room will then be safe for use. 

Chrysanthemum extract sustainably sourced from small independent farms in Kenya. 

Contains no artificial ingredients, no organo-chlorine pesticides, no synthetic materials, and no harmful synergists such PBOs (piperonyl butoxide) commonly used in other insecticides.

Here are Julia Dee's Five Steps to a moth free wardrobe:

Clothes moths like to breed in dark, dusty, undisturbed corners. Therefore the first step in eliminating a moth infestation is to remove everything from your wardrobe and drawers. Wash what can be washed and dry clean everything else (including bedding, drapes and curtains). Vacuum your wardrobe, drawers, carpets, floors and all surrounding areas thoroughly. Then wash inside the wardrobe and drawers with soap and water. This will help kill off any larvae that may be present. TIP – steam is very effective in killing moth larvae. If your home has been troubled with multiple or prolonged moth infestations it may be worth investing in a hand held steamer.
Moths love the food proteins in wool and especially love the food, skin and hair particles we leave behind. Do not put dirty or even once worn clothes back in the wardrobe. This is what clothes moths feed on. TIP - they don't like the taste of dry cleaning fluid so if you are storing out of season clothes, dry-clean them first.
Put clothes back into the wardrobe clean! Store out of season garments in TWC’s washable and breathable cotton Garment Storage Bags. Avoid storing in plastic as the fabrics need to be able to breathe to prevent mould. For folded items use a Storage Box lined in Acid Free Tissue paper. Don't store your clothes in an overheated or damp attic, cellar or storage unit. Put your storage box in a spare room, on top of a cupboard or better still in a clean cupboard with a firmly shut door. TIP – cashmere, wool and silk are not only delicate fabrics, but are moth favourites. Keep them stored in either our Knitwear and T-Shirt Storage Bag or Cashmere Storage Bag for complete peace of mind. 
Once you have cleaned both your clothes and wardrobes, you must be vigilant in order to cure or prevent a moth infestation. The most effective way to do this is by combining our pheromone Moth Box with a selection of our Anti-moth Products and Natural Moth Repellents; the Moth Box catches the males, and the repellents deter the females. Our Anti-Moth products are varied, easy to use, and smell wonderful. 
Monitor your clothes and look out for holes caused by clothes moths. Every season have a mini clean out and replace your moth repellent products. This will help keep your wardrobe fresh, clean and moth free all year round.

 Julia Dee's Top Tips for storing clothes:

  • Cleanliness: Dry clean and wash EVERYTHING before it gets packed away
  • Storage: Pack clothes away in a breathable container, in acid free tissue or an old pillowcase or wrapped in a sheet. Don't leave in plastic or exposed to sunlight
  • Anti-Moth: Refresh your out of date anti moth products, throw them away if they have been in the wardrobe more than a year and re-fill lavender bags. Try the pheromone moth trap, which catches the boys and stops the mating game
  • Turnout: Be ruthless. When was the last time you wore it? Swap it with friends or sell on eBay. Remember 2 new things in = 2 old things out
  • Spring clean your wardrobe for new season clothes. Light some candles, throw the windows open and Take everything out of your wardrobe and wash, dust and vacuum. Try the clearing and cleansing spray to clear out the old vibes. This is available from
  • Hangers: Get the right hangers for the job. With all the the same hangers, your wardrobe will look like a boutique, and if all the garments are level, they are a lot easier to see. Try the rubber covered non slip hanger
  • Shoes and boots: Polish and clean all of your shoes and boots. Take them to the menders and put the boot trees, shoe trees and shoe puffs in to help keep their shape
  • Fur: Put your furs in cotton garment bags and take them to a furrier for cold storage. This discourages bugs and prolongs the life of the fur. (If it’s been dead for more than 20 years take it to the furrier for re oiling and conditioning)
  • Vintage repairs and maintenance: If any buttons have fallen off, zips have broken , hems have fallen down, or clothes have grown too big or too small take them to be altered and repaired. Don't leave anything in the wardrobe that needs something doing to it, chances are it will not be worn
  • Style: Get your best friend in or employ the services of a stylist to up date your existing wardrobe. A fresh eye will put different items together for a fresh look

I'm currently putting the Moth DIY Kit to the test and will report back with an hopefully moths free wardrobe! 


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