Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Estee Lauder PowerFoil Mask Review

Estee Lauder powerful mask, sheet mask review

Good evening everyone! 

Temperatures have dropped once again and me and especially my skin are slowly but surely having enough of all these weather changes - dry skin and breakouts are the result. 

To give my skin a much needed boost I've tried the much talked-about Foil Mask from Estee Lauder.  

It's a two-piece mask that fit's perfectly on the face and the metallic finish gives you an out of space look. 

I've let the mask on for 10 minutes and after removing the sheets I've rubbed in the excess serum.

The next day I woke up with plum and hydrated skin and it feels almost as you had a face massage the night before. 

I'm really impressed with this mask and it's the perfect rescue treat for skin that is tired of winter and your ideal preparation for weddings and parties! 



  1. Thanks for sharing, this weather really does play havoc with your skin :( Heres to good face masks and maybe a spot of sunshine soon! X

  2. Thanks for the recommendation! Need to give this a go xx


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