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Dietox 1 Day Juice Cleanse

Dietox 1 day juice cleanse

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you are all had a lovely festive season!

After a very indulgent December it felt just right to end the year with a New Year Body Reboot, getting my body back on track for 2017!

I've decided to take my first plunge into juice cleansing by attempting a 1-Day Juice Cleanse by Dietox! 

To be honest It was a little daunting to just rely on juices for a whole day but it was a great experience and I'm happy to share my Dietox experience with you!


When I've ordered the drinks, I was asked to choose a date to ship them out because they must be consumed within 4 days of arrival! The cold-pressed juices arrived on time and were neatly packaged with some frozen gel packs to keep them fresh and chilled.

After I polished off the last bits of Christmas goodies I made sure to cut out junk food two days before my cleanse, so my body wouldn't go into a extreme shock! 

I've stocked up on fresh fruits and vegetables and made sure I had a good nights sleep before cleanse! 


Alkalising / Energising 7 - 9 A. M.

My first juice of the day is an alkalising juice, including Apple, Spinach, Pineapple, Cucumber,  and Matcha Tea! I really liked all the ingredients and the juice had a lovely Pineapple and Apple flavour!

How I feel: My body feels fine and I don't feel hungry!

Antioxidant / Remineralising 10 - 12 A. M. 

The Mid-morning to noon Juice is full of carotenes to protect the skin from sun damage. The juice includes Apple and Beetroot and tastes really refreshing! After I've finished the juice I've made myself a green tea to keep myself hydrated!

How I feel: I still feel fine and I´m not hungry! 

Revitalising / Filling  1 - 3 P. M. 

For lunch time I had a pumpkin juice, which tasted surprisingly nice and thanks to the included Avocado, Pea and Brown Rice Protein felt quite filling! 

How I feel: I'm still not hungry but I'm slowly starting to crave solid food! 

Anti-Aging / Antioxidant 4 - 6 P. M. 

The fourth juice of the day includes Strawberry, Apple, Banana and Acai. The Banana and Strawberry give this juice a lovely sweetness, which was the perfect afternoon 'pick-me-up' I needed. Next to the juice I had another green tea!

How I feel: My body seems to have adjusted itself to the juices as I no longer crave solid foods and the sweetness from the strawberry gave me a much needed boost!

Detoxing / Loaded with vitamins 7 - 9 P. M. 

To be honest this was my least favourite juice, as it had quite a strong taste of Chlorella and Spirulina and it took quite a bit of will power to not reach for a cracker or biscuit! 

How I feel: I feel quite peckish as this would be my usual dinner time but I do distract myself with watching TV. 

Soothing / Restorative 10 - 12 P. M. 

It's the last of the juices - YAY! The sixth and final juice is made of Cashew Milk, Banana, Lime, Agave Syrup and Beetroot! This was probably my favourite juice of them all and I love it's rich and sweet flavour! 

How I feel: Coming to the end of my 1- Day Cleanse I feel actually really good and I'm quite proud of myself for sticking with it! After finishing the last of the juices I tugged myself into bed and went to sleep soon after! 


This Dietox 1-Day Cleanse was a great experience and it turned out much better than I had thought! The cleanse has helped me to focus more on eating healthy and to savour food rather then just stuffing my face! 

Next to the 1-Day Cleanse, you can choose up to a 5-Days Cleanse but if you are new to it, I would recommend to try out the 1-Day cleanse first!  

*This is a sponsored post, opinions are all my own!

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