Saturday, 12 November 2016

Geneu Beauty / Personalised Skincare

GENEU DNA testing, GENEU personalised skincare

Happy Saturday everyone on this grey and rainy day! 

A couple of weeks ago I stopped by at GENEU skincare for a DNA testing and personalised skincare based on a mouth-swab, which feels a little like a scene out of CSI!

Analysing my DNA material for two genes important in determining the aging process - it's all about collagen breakdown and antioxidant protection (at this moment wished you would have used more SPF and had a few more blueberries on your yogurt! 

I returned back to their lovely flagship store in Mayfair (they are currently having a pop-up in Selfridges till the 13th of November) the day after and prepared myself for the worst!

My test results reviled that I could do with some help on slowing down my collagen breakdown!

The GENEU DNA personlised anti-aging serums are formulated to help your skin stay healthier for longer with ingredients such as:

  • collagen
  • white mulberry root extract
  • Vitamin A and C
  • Amino Acids 

I've received a six-week supply of GENEU anti-ageing skincare serum which comes in a very sleek and futuristic looking bottle that includes two serums inside. 

I've received two types of serums, the first one is AOX which is designed to enhance the natural antioxidant protection levels and COL which helps to enhance natural collagen levels!

What I really like about GENEU is the fact that they aren't talking about erasing wrinkles but focus  on your skin's health!

The serums do feel really light and non-sticky on the skin and after trying them for two month now I can happily report that my skin does feel more smooth and healthy-looking! 

Read more about GENEU over here and if you around Selfridges this weekend make sure to stop by at their pop-up!


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