Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Tips On A Good Night Sleep

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With London Fashion Week finally behind me it's time to recharge my batteries and the older I get the more I crave a good nights sleep and lounging in my comfy pyjamas.

To make sure I get a good nights sleep I follow a few simple steps that help me fall asleep swiftly! 

Skin Care

Getting ready for bed starts with taking off all my makeup and preparing my skin to repair over night! 

Helping along with this is my personalised anti-ageing serum from Geneu! The serum is packed full of collagen and anti-oxidant boosting ingredients.

It just feels really good using a serum that is specifically designed for the needs of your skin, rather using a 'one suits all' face cream.

Especially during the colder months I make sure to moisturise my lips before bed and I've currently discovered Dr. Lipp's lips balm, which really works like a treat on any dry areas (lips, elbows, etc.)!


A good mattress is probably the most important aspect for a good night sleep and you should make it one of your key investments for your bedroom!

There are so many great ones out there to choose from and it's important that you get to test try it! 

One that I can recommend from my own experience is the Hybrid Mattress from TEMPUR!

 A revolution in the memory foam mattress, which offers the feel of a spring mattress with the unparalleled comfort of TEMPUR high-performance foam material, using NASA technology.

Their mattresses feature an open cell structure, resulting in billions of supporting points that reduce pressure on your sleeping body!

Jot It Down

Before going to bed I try to take some time to reflect on the parts of my day I feel grateful for! I feel this is a really nice way of ending the day and being less worried and stressed at night!

After making sure I had the best sleep possible, it's very important to start the day feeling fresh and you can't beat a scrumptious and healthy breakfast to kick start the day ... preferably in bed!

This post is a collaboration with TEMPUR, but all thoughts are my own. 

Check out their website for more information on their mattresses. 



  1. I've never tried a foam mattress but hear so many good things about them. Lovely to meet you this morning at the West Elm event X

    1. It has made such a big difference to my sleep! It was so lovely meeting you this morning! Have a lovely week! xx


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