Saturday, 12 March 2016

Calligraphy Workshop with Lamplighter London

Calligraphy workshop with Nib+Ink, Nib+ink book, Lampligher London

Happy Weekend everyone! 

Yesterday I attended a modern Calligraphy Workshop held by the lovely Chiara Perano of Lamplighter London.

Calligraphy was one of the things I've always wanted to try but was always a little worried as my handwriting is really not the best!

The workshop was set at Habitat's gallery in Chelsea which was turned into something that would make for the perfect Pinterest pin - just dreamy! 

modern calligraphy workshop, nib and ink book

We've started out with the black ink tracing over calligraphy guides a few times to get a feel for the shapes of the letters and how to hold the nib the right way. 

Once I got the hang of pressing harder on the down strokes, and more lightly on the up strokes it started to become really fun and quite relaxing!

After we all gave our best on the paper it was time for some snacks, shake out our fingers and some serious picture taking! 

 I really loved the scandi style open sandwiches and the cakes were as delicious as they looked.

the floury baked good, victoria sponge cake, cherry brownies

Based on Chiara's new book "Nib + Ink" she has created her own neon pink ink (how exciting!) which we got to try next!  

Writing with pink ink requires a slight slower pen movement,  which made writing a little easier for me and I shall be writing in neon pink ink from now on! 

We got to keep the nib, ink and a copy of her lovely book, and I think I found myself a new hobby. 

The "Nib + Ink" book is a great way to start with Calligraphy or to perfect your skills with plenty practice sheets and great tips.

Thank you for the lovely afternoon and taking such good care of us! 

Nib + Ink Book: here

Food: The Floury

Balloons: Minimal Affair


  1. Love this!! Everything looks so pretty x

    Lina /

  2. I would love to try Calligraphy - it's so pretty and I think I'd really enjoy it! xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x


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