Friday, 25 April 2014

A day at Dior Harrods

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A few days ago I was invited to the Dior boutique at Harrods to try some of their ready-to-wear spring/summer collection 2014, designed by Raf Simons.  The dresses we picked were all recognisable  Dior looks but with a modern twist. I adore the white dress, which is just the most beautiful summer dress and the cute shirt-dress which is very fashionable this season. The off-the-shoulder dress is so playful and the red-printed dress has such a beautiful fit. The dress that really has blown me away was however, the black gown and it's beautiful pink, attachable embellishments. This dress made me feel so elegant and there are only two samples available worldwide, one in Paris and one in Harrods London. 

It was a dream come true and when wearing these well-tailored and beautiful designed dresses I felt so polished and elegant. A huge thank you also to An who made this all possible.
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  1. wow i love the black gown you tried on! everything is so stunning :D

  2. That pink shirt dress is amazing....I want! Hx

  3. Wow - amazing :) Adore this post :)

  4. Oh you are SUCH a lucky lady! I adore every single piece especially the first dress and the long black gown. The bags are divine too!
    So fabulous!

  5. Gorgeous outfits!

    Come visit me soon! I miss you!


  6. How fun! I think the white dress is divine and really suits your figure. xx

  7. How lucky are you? This is just fabulous. I particularly love the pink shirt dress it is divine. H xx

  8. You look like a doll..white dress is fantastic!


  9. Well.... that's the dream to try all those beautiful dresses.. You look amazing in all of them!!!!

  10. Amazing dresses

  11. I love everything, especially the first dress!

  12. Wow what a great opportunity!!! Picked some great pieces :) I especially like the white summer dress and the striped blouse-dress.
    Would you like to follow each other on Bloglovin dear? Waiting for your answer :)

    Love from Munich, L


  13. Wow, how amazing, you look absolutely stunning! Especially in the white dress, and I also love the black one, how chic and stylish!
    Mafalda ❤

  14. How lucky are you! You look amazing, I love all of the outfits but the white dress looks so good on you!

    x Hayley-Eszti |

  15. I actually really love the black off-the-shoulder dress---it's so fresh and different from what I usually see on blogs. I would've been so scared to try on the black gown; what if I messed it up, and there are only 2 in the entire world!


    Another Beautiful Thing

  16. wow♥ all these dresses are so beautiful! lovely photos!:)

  17. gorgeous outfits


  18. The blue bag is gorgeous!! Today on my blog a new animal print Vans, I hope you like it!! :)

  19. You look so beautiful and ethereal. I hope you got some goodies from Dior x

    You could be the new face of Dior:)
    Have a wonderful Monday! xx

  20. I really like the first dress, it looks stunning on you!

    Jules x

  21. How stunning do you look. The first dress you look very angelic. The sheer & cut out detailing is just perfect!!! Love The Pink Shirt Dress is super girly. All and All a lovely selection of dresses.

  22. I must say, you are a very beautiful lady ^.^ I really like the first dress most of all, I admit. It looks so delicate and regal and white!

    Check out my question tag:

  23. Stunning outfits! Love the white dress!

    Monica Harmony's Blog

  24. wow, your a lucky lady, beautiful outfits

    Anna x

  25. The first dress is so lovely!

  26. so jealous!! you look amazing in all these outfits!! <3

  27. oohhhhhh these are fab outfits!!! Especially loving the first and second dress! :) xx, Alma

  28. You look stunning! Very classy and lady-like. My favorite outfit is the first one.

  29. Looks like a fun day - that blue bag is so pretty!

    beck daily

  30. gorgeous dresses! love the contrast of the lace dress and that purple bag

  31. Beautiful dresses and such a great opportunity :)

  32. Looking pretty, prim and propper! I especially love that white dress on you.

    xo, Lauren


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