Sunday, 10 November 2013

Isabel Marant for H&M

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 Hope you all had a great weekend!

Ok let's not beat around the bush, this week is probably one of the most anticipated date of all year let's say next to Christmas. This week the wait will finally be over as the Isabel Marant for H&M collection will finally hit the shops.

I was a big fan of the recent H&M collaboration and I think this is the best so far but also the most expensive by far. So let's talk about my imaginary wish list.

I think the embroidered and quilted jacket is heaven for any statement jacket addict and therefor is my most wanted item, which is followed by the equally cool polo-knit jumper and the loop-knit wool jumper which would add some instant cool on cold winter days.

I always wanted a red pair of leather trousers and I love their quilted knee patches and the print of the black and white jeans is just amazing and to top those looks off I really would love those gorgeous fringe boots which have Parisian bohemian coolness written all over.

So even though I really love this collection I'm not sure if I actually will go to H&M I probably couldn't contain myself. But never say never.

Let me know what your plans are and which items you favour the most out of this collection.


  1. I like the collection to, but I won't be buying it, too expensive... And too many people. Like this post xxxx

  2. I have the same jacket addiction! I feel your pain!
    The collection is absolutely stunning!


  3. so exciting!

  4. I'm desperately waiting for the collection!!!
    instagram: @_whitedahlia

  5. This capsule is absolutely great, love it and i can't wait to buy some piece!



  6. I totally agree with you. I love love love the jacket but I'm sure there will be a long queue in front of the store on the launch day!

  7. i'm definitely gonna check out the collection,it's really the best one so far.
    i heard the jacket is quite boxy and stiff when worn :)

  8. Yujuuuu Isabel Marant at H&M soon!!! :)


  9. Loving it! Can´t wait until its out!

  10. love it
    twitter & instagram : @fashionrlounge
    Fashion room lounge

    A chic kiss ;)

  11. Looks like a fab collection <3

  12. Oh I'm absolutely gutted about this collection! H&M have decided to only have it distributed in 5 cities in France, how unfair and disgusting is that? My best friend has a cancer and she's been dreaming about the boots for weeks, so I was reading to camp in front of the shop in Montpellier, well I guess I won't get the boots...
    And as far as I'm concerned, I've bought a few Isabel Marant pieces (always pricey even though on eBay), and I've always re-sold them. For some reason, there are gorgeous pieces, but they get outdated 5 seconds after the new season comes in.
    Sorry about the rant, but I'm really mad about the whole story!
    Mafalda ❤

  13. Die Sachen sind alle sooo sooo schön!
    Aber leider sind sie auch teuer :(

    Ich werde also verbittert in meinem Zimmer sitzen und weinen :D
    Scherz, aber ich hätte echt liebend gerne die Jacke und die Schuhe :)

    Svetlana von Lavender Star

    1. Ja mir wird es wohl aehnlich gehen, da ich mich wohl auch ehr fernhalten werde ;)

  14. This collection is SO GOOD. Out of all of their designer collabos, this is by far the one i feel the strongest about, i would wear every single piece! Awesome choices! xx

  15. Love the jacket!

  16. What an awesome collection! I am so happy it has finally been released. loving the red pants :) these are perfect for the holidays.


  17. Oh how cute! I do like this collection!

    x Angela

  18. soooo excited to see if i can snatch something up from this collab!! :)

  19. I wish I could get my hands on some of these pieces!! the pants are insane!

  20. wow!!! yeah definitely a day to remember! see you already have a wish list ;) Hope youget some of those clothes! xx, ALma

  21. Great collection. Will you like to follow each other on GFC and Twitter? xoxo
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  22. Hello, did not know your blog but now I'm following!
    I really enjoyed the jacket.

  23. I love all of the patterns!

  24. love this collection!

  25. Great Post. Hope you will visit me too.
    Greetings from Pakistan.

    Maria Speaks Prada

  26. I MUST check everything out:) and this made me actuarlly like wintertime haha thanks so much for your sweet words on my blog.

    Check out my new post....Modern stylish kitchen inspiration:)

    Have a fab. day dear

    LOVE Maria at inredningsvis - The Swedish home decor blog

  27. Ei! lucky you!! in Barcelona qeues are soooo long! love your top!!!


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